About the Weasel Workers

The Whistler Weasel Workers have built the course for every senior race held in Whistler BC, including World Cup races, Canadian Championships and NorAms.  The Weasels have also assisted with events such as the World Snowboarding Chanpionships, held a few years ago, on Blackcomb Mountain.

In addition, the Weasels have sent contingents of volunteers to assist with the Winter Olympics in Calgary and Salt Lake, World Championships in Italy and in Spain, and World Cup races in Lake Louise AB and in Beaver Creek, CO.   Our leader, who has traditionally been the Chief of Course for Whistler speed events, was also the Chief of Course for the speed events at the Calgary Olympics and has been Chief of Course for the Lake Louise WC downhill.  More on the Spanish Connection.

With its roots in the Nancy Greene Ski League and the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, the Weasels have grown from a group of parent coaches in the 1970’s to World Cup and Olympic race organizers in the 1980’s and 1990’s.   Historically, he organization has had a membership of approximately 300 experienced course workers, some now retired, that include volunteers from across Canada and the USA, as well as from Europe, New Zealand and Australia.  

Since the prospect of the Winter Olympics at Whistler first arose, the Whistler Weasel Workers have been hard at work, trying to expand their ranks and attract new blood and to develop an organization and management approach that could effectively assist the Olympic effort.  our membership is now almost 500.

Membership in the Weasels is not exclusive.  Come and work with us for five days, and you are a Weasel.  There are no membership dues, just good companionship, hard work and stale jokes.  A quart of “weasel water” helps.   We have an annual golf tourney, followed by a BBQ and an AGM that, in a bad year, takes more than 7 minutes.

Thanks to effective leadership, the Weasel Workers have the best possible relationship with Whistler Mountain, which has been an unstinting supporter of ski racing in Whistler.   One could not ask for a better “home” mountain, both in regard to terrain and to support from the mountain and it’s employees.  Weather, on the other hand, is sometimes quite a challenge!  Early attempts to hold World Cup events in late November and early December, our annual period of big storms and heavy snowfall, proved unsuccessful.  A great track was always prepared, while dealing with many snowfalls, but thick fog or a foot or more of heavy snow on race day was more than even the Weasels could deal with.

The prospect ot the 2010 Olympics have the Whester Weasel Workers hard at work attracting new volunteers, training new crew chiefs and planning on-hill organization.  They will be dealing with a brand new women's downhill course and the logistics of manning concurrent races on two tracks.  Experienced race workers everywhere who aspire to be crew chiefs are invited to Whistler in February 2008 and again in 2009 to learn the local environment, our organization and to get to know the people.  With this experienced, they will be well equipped to make an important contribution in future years.