History of the Weasel Workers

The “Weasel Workers” is an independent volunteer organization primarily set up to support major winter Alpine events at Whistler Blackcomb. Weasel Workers members were among other Canadian and international volunteer organizations, that provided major support for the recent 2010 Olympic Alpine events, as well as other major alpine events that require from 200 to 1200 volunteers to put on while working closely with officials from FIS (http://www.fis-ski.com/uk/disciplines/alpineskiing/), Alpine Canada (http://canski.org/), and in particular the Whistler Mountain Ski Club. Over the years, the Weasels have worked on Olympic, World Championship, World Cup, NorAm and Canadian National Championship ski races in Whistler , Nakiska, Salt Lake, Bormio, Beaver Creek, Lake Louise, Sierra Nevada and elsewhere. The Weasels are known for their never-give-up approach and for pulling off major events despite challenging winter conditions at Whistler.

Origin of the name “Weasel Workers”

The Whistler Weasel Workers have a long history that is closely linked to the Whistler Mountain Ski Club.  The Weasels got their start when Bob Parsons (Whistler Mountain Ski Club founder) and his course crew of 6, prepped the first World Cup Downhill races in Whistler. They were nick named “those Weasel Workers” for their work hand shoveling and boot packing the Weasel and Toilet Bowl. The name stuck and from that time, Whistler's volunteer ski race workers have been known as the "Weasel Workers" (aka the “Weasels”). Owen Carney, our current Papa Weasel, was part of the team and apprenticed under Bob.  Today there is a plaque with the picture of Bob and the original Weasel team that hangs in the adult lounge of the club cabin.

The Weasels have an incredible track record of pulling off major events in tough conditions. Weasels are known to work through the night, even when whether conditions suggest a race would be impossible.

One of the benefits of being the parent of an athlete in the Whistler Mountain Ski program is working alongside other parents during club races, zone races and Whistler Cup.  Many of us Alumni members have life long friendships that were formed while doing race prep or running ski races for the WMSC.  One of the best ways to continue those relationships and to continue to contribute has been the Whistler Weasel Workers.

Deep Family Ties

The Weasels began very much with Bob Parsons. Bob’s family is still active in ski racing- son Jim Parsons is a ski coach, grandson Julien Brumec-Parsons is a developing junior racer. Bob’s daughter Chris Leighton works for the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, while granddaughter Alison Leighton recently retired from F.I.S. racing and is now attending college in the states on a ski racing program. Bob’s niece, Fran Cuthbert, continues to volunteer in the race office at the Whistler Mountain Ski Club and Bill of course is a tried and true Whistler Weasel Worker.

Today there is a plaque with the picture of Bob and the original Weasel crew- it hangs in the adult lounge of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club. Stop in to read the story. Colin Pitt Taylor knows the names of the individuals in the picture.

Many other Weasels are parents of and/or past national team athletes including: