Telus Whistler World Cup 2008

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After a 10 year absence, the FIS World Cup ski racing returned to Whistler in February 2008.  The 2008Telus Whistler World Cup ski races were run on two separate tracks, the world famous Dave Murray Downhill for the Men's WC races and the brand new Ladies Olympic Downhill on Whistler Mountain's Franz's Run, for the "Canadians" and the Ladies WC races.   The new Franz's Downhill has been developed for the 2010 Winter Olympic games, and our 2008 races were the first on this challenging new ski racing track.  These two tracks were built and maintained  concurrently by volunteers.   Click and photo to enlarge it.

Whistler Weasel Workers at World Cup 2008In 2008, the Weasels welcomed to Whistler more visiting ski race workers than for any earlier event.    Many old members returned from afar and many newcomers joined us to learn our terrain, to develop or hone their skills and to become part of the Weasel team.  We've had Talon Crew from Beaver Creek, Sled Dogs from Alberta, Marmots from Mt Washington, Sun Dogs from the Okanagan, members of Team 44, and a host of other volunteers from many points in Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

Whistler Weasel Workers at World Cup 2008Thanks to all of our members who travelled so far and worked so hard to bring these races to such successful conclusions.  They came together and blended into a very effective Weasel crew that made volunteer history by concurrently building two side-by-side world-class tracks.  Special thanks to those Weasels who worked so late after the Ladies Combined to tear down the track which, by the end of the day, was open to the public. The Beer Tent is lomg gone from the Creekside parkade, leaving many echoes of new friendships and good memories. Thanks to Maria and hula-skirted Natalie for the  Margaritas behind the Equipment Cans and to Owen who hosted a "last hurrah" at Dusty's.

Whistler Weasel Workers at World Cup 2008Although the weather for the 2008 Pontiac GMC Canadian Alpine Ski Championships presented a challenge, the Telus Whistler World Cup races came off without a hitch. We had good weather and the tracks were in great shape.    Well done Weasels!   

As expected, the new Ladies Olympic Downhill on Franz's Run proved to be a great course, one that athletes and coaches now look on as a favorite.   Congratulations to John Kucera, Britt Janyk,  Emily Brydon and all of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team for its great performance.

Here are some post-event thoughts, penned as the races ended .........

Whistler Weasel Workers at World Cup 2008The Pontiac GMC Canadian Alpine Ski Championships and the TelusWhistler World Cup races are history. Only a few A-Nets remain to be  taken down.  The Timing Flats are clear of its tents and trailers and recreational skiers have reclaimed Franz's Run and the Dave Murray downhill.   Dusty's at 6:30 AM is deserted and the the Beer Tent is gone from the upper level of the Creekside Parkade.  Only echoes remain and memories of friendship and community based on hard work and long days devoted to a common cause.

Our Canadian Alpine Ski Team have given us a lot to celebrate this year with over  40  top nine World Cup finishes and seven placings in the top 10 overall standings. As we write this, the 2008 World championships are still before us, so we may yet have more great results to record.

Whistler Weasel Workers at World Cup 2008For many reasons,  the February 2008 races presented significant challenges.  However, we came together and succeeded.  We built two side-by-side courses and ran two major race series.  We made history in a number of ways.   The crews that built the first-ever women's downhill track on Franz's Run overcame unrelenting weather problems.   They showed the way and beat the odds to complete training runs and women's and men's downhill races. Fortunately, Mother Nature smiled  on us for the World Cup races and over 20 million European TV views saw Whistler at its usual best.    Racers and coaches were all smiles, and are looking forward to returning for  the  2010 Winter Olympic Games.  

This page on the Whistler Weasel Workers Web site is dedicated to our members who worked so hard to make the February races a success .  Please send us your comment, share with us your experiences and, in  particular, please tell us about those special moments that left a memory and the special people who  made a difference.  

Whistler Weasel Workers at World Cup 2008It's  nice to focus on the positive but there is always the down side too.  Help us do better in the future and send us your suggestions. It's important that we learn from our mistakes and understand where we fell down.  We will  publish the good, the bad and the ugly, but nothing in poor taste or libelous. Send your comments to 

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We wish particularly to recognize the following:

Whistler Weasel Workers at World Cup 2008Rod MacLeod, VANOC's manager of construction for the creekside and Cypress Bowl venues and now the assistant manger for Alpine Skiing was a great help this year in keeping the volunteers informed as to progress in preparing for the 2008 races.  Click here to see some of  Rod's Reports. Thanks for these, Rod. They were very helpful.

A Most Honourable Mention to Terri S for thinking of and supplying "South Seas" decorations for the Weasel Beer Tent, including the much coveted inflatable palm tree.  It was a great touch that added much to our proceedings. Terri celebrated both a birthday and an anniversary by helping to set up the Beer Tent, by assisting in the Finish Area and by serving as a Finish Referee and as a spotter for the Jury.

Whistler Weasel Workers at World Cup 2008A Cluster of Roses to Jason K. of the Transportation crew who brought wine to the Race Office crew whose work schedule and isolated location (during WC)  made visits to the Beer Tent pretty much impossible.

A Big Thanks  to the Whistler Mountain Ski Club (WMSC)  for hosting a welcoming party for volunteers at the Club Cabin.  The night was enjoyed by all.  One day, we'll get around to posting some of the photos from this affair.

During a dry-land training session at the Myrtle Philips School,  WMSC  J1 and J2 racers  had a great time meeting and interacting with  members of the US Ski Team who were also using the school for training.  Sounds like the US skiers were very friendly and accommodating.    Roses all around!

Whistler Weasel Workers at World Cup 2008A hearty thank you to  George K for warning us that  local elementary school kids were going to be excluded from watching the World Cup Races.Roses to Peter A and John R for running with this and making sure  our kids were at the finish line.  A well done also to  Willy R. for making sure that the WMSC's kids were at the finish line too.

We all step up to the plate and do our jobs, not expecting  many "Hurrahs".  However, sometimes people go that extra mile that makes such a difference.  Hats off and buckets roses to Joyce M and her crew who worked for months prior to the races making  gallons and gallons of home-made, fresh vegetable soup  for the Soup Tent.    While we're in the food department, many thanks to Jane O and her crew for the great sandwiches during the Nationals.

The volunteers staying at Lockies place really appreciated the nightly feasts cooked for us by Lauren W. They were a great treat after a late night cleaning up the Beer Tent. (A pox on those people who can't deal with their own garbage).  Thanks, Lauren and thanks to Thommy T for bringing us Lauren and for a pile of the photos on this Web site.