Vancouver 2010 - Weasel House

Story tagged: Olympics, Weasel House

Neither damp weather,  the exhausting work of the first week of setup nor the soft snow setbacks facing the opening races dampened the enthusiasm of the Alpine Race Workers who have walked the walk to Weasel House every night.  As the weather improved in the second week  to discuss their days on the track, to make new acquanitances and to renew old friendships.

The 'Weasel House' was located on Lake Placid Road in Creekside, near the 2010 Alpine Skiing venue. Weasel House welcomed Alpine Race Workers and atheletes every day of the 2010 Olympics and Paralympic events and was a big success! Thanks to well over 30 generous Sponsors and almost 250 Keg O' Beer Sponsors, Weasel House is a huge success.  Since opening night, the place has been humming.

Feb 12 held a special moment as many Weasel Workers gathered in Weasel House to watch the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games on our three high-def screens and overhead projector.  It was a moment of pride for all Canadian race workers. The forty-two Canadian Flag banners that decorate Weasel House each display the name of a different Canadian ski club.  With the help of BC Alpine, these banners were sent to the respective ski clubs where they were signed by junior ski racers, complete with greetings and good wishes to the members of our Canadian Alpine Ski Team.  We will return the flags to the clubs after the close of the Paralympics.

Three separate bars provide beer on tap, as well as red and white wine and our intrepid entrepeneur, Peter Allan and his team operate a shop that offers Weasel Wear, toques, hand-made etched beer glasses and mugs, T-shirts, Weasel Pins and other items of interest to our members.