2013 Sport Chek Alpine Canadian Championships

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The 2013 Sport Chek Alpine Canadian Championshipswent like clockwork with one hickup that turned out to be a blessing. The day before downhill training was set to start, we get a dump of 43cm with up to 1m in places. No bother, the Weasels got the nets ready and cleared the way for Dan Gallagher, Roberta and the other cat drivers to work their magic. On Thursday, we had an awesome, 'boilerplate" course ready to go.

Panorama of heavy snow at Beauty Creek on Wednesday (courtesy Phil Hunt):

Heavy snow at Beauty Creek

All photos in the set below courtesy of  Robert Kwong (robertkwong.com)!

Set two is available here!

Update (April 22, 2013):  Robert has published more great photos here, and here.