Crew Job Descriptions

There are many jobs to be done in preparation for a major alpine ski race, both on and off the snow, and for both skiers and non-skiers.  The following gives an overview of the types of work done by different groups of volunteer race workers. For additional information, go to our Crews page our the Job Descriptions page in our Training section..

Race Officials are volunteers who run the races.  These include the Race Organizing Committee (ROC) who manage the event, and many officials who work "on the snow".  The latter include starters, referees, gate judges, timers, course setters and many other officials who are charged with the fair and orderly conduct of race events.   Many Gate Judges are required for a senior race.

Gate Judges are Race Officials who judge whether or not racers pass through the gates of the race course.  Each Gate Judge may be assigned from one to three gates to monitor, depending on the type of race and the terrain.  Whenever a racer fails to pass through a gate, the gate judge records the details of the incident.  Gate judges position themselves on the course, where they are safe but also have a clear view of the gates for which they are responsiblbe.  The Crew Chief for Gate Judges is the Head Gate Judge, also one of the Race Officials.

Course Crews are made up of volunteers who prepare the course prior to race events and maintain the course during races. Course workers install safety nets, move snow on or off the track, side-slip the course to smooth the surface, and a multitude of other tasks.   Most course workers are proficient skiers, although workers in the finish area need not be skiers at all.

Course Stewards are volunteers who control access to the racecourse and other secure areas to ensure the public remains safely off the course.

Equipment Crew is made up of volunteers who help keep track of a multitude of equipment needed to prepare and maintain the course.

Event Services Crews are made up of volunteers who perform a wide variety of tasks “outside the nets”.  These range from race office work to food preparation, driving passenger vans, accommodation management, providing volunteer hospitality, and many other tasks.  See the Crews page for a list of Event Services Crew types.

Timing Crew sets up and operates timing equipment used to time each racer. The Timing Crew lays wire that connects start and finish lines, sets up and operates timing computers and communications between start and finish lines and records racer times.