Equipment Crew

As the name implies, the  "Equipment Crew" manages the large inventory of equipment needed to build and maintain an alpine race course.  Drills, batteries, rakes, shovels, nets, poles, rope, knives, blowers, and countless other articles are needed in great quantity. 

Besides maintaining such a large and diverse inventory of equipment, the Equipment Crew provides stocks of consumable materials such as fertilizer, which is used in abundance to help Mother Nature provide a suitably hard track.

If you enjoy challenges you will like "equipment". We are the people who are asked to find an item "right now" for someone on the hill that feel is very important to have that item at that moment. We try to have all necessary equipment on hand but we don't always have everything that's needed, or we seem to run out just before a dire need arises. 

This is when we really spring into action. We scratch our heads to come up with a solution for what may be asked for, we locate it, determine how quickly we can get it and what the cost might be. It all seems quite straight forward, except these requests are usually received after hours or on a Sunday when stores are closed, or they involve something that needs to come from another country, etc, etc.

February 2008, through 2010, will be a challenge as we will run two separate events on two downhill courses. Equipment inventories will be larger than ever and a large amount of brand new equipment will be used.   

With all of the work ahead in 2008, a 24/7 work schedule many be necessary. This is not at all certain, yet, but we must be prepared for all circumstances.  We will have equipment distribution sites at 3 or 4 locations, some of which will be on the mountain, close to the tracks. This will mean, of course, that some of the Equipment Crew members will have to be able to ski. 


Another responsibility of the Equipment Crew is radio communications. Two way Radios, will be used for all events. In 2008, two different radio systems will be used, One for the Canadian Championships, and another for the World Cup events.  

Equipment Crew members who are interested in radio communications may have an opportunity to learn about some brand new equipment that will be used for the World Cup races.  All radio communications involve a strict protocol, which is very disciplined. The Equipment Crew offers an opportunity to be right in the midst of all race communications.

The Equipment Crew dispense and retrieve all radios, daily, log who has them, offer accessories to those who need them and then try to retrieve them at the end of the event.

The Equipment Crew is a fun place to be, and lets non-skiers be in the midst of the action.

If any of this interests you, please fill out an application and join the fun with the Equipment Crew!