Event Service Crews

Support Crews

Accreditation Crew

Gail checks accreditation - early morning smileThe "Accreditation Crew" manages the volunteer database and the work history of all volunteers.  The Accreditation crew registers each volunteer on each day worked and manages the allocation of lift passes for those volunteers working on the mountain.

The Accreditation Crew also ensures that each volunteer recieves a perk package in accordance with the number of days worked.  

If it was a "medium" you wanted, with narrow shoulders, long arms and extra large waist, these are the people to help.

Lunch Crew

The Lunch Crew is a happy sight for course crew at the early morning meeting at Dusty's each race day.

There can be no race without lunches! Weasel lunches have proven to be one of the best on the circuit.

Made fresh every morning with the help of local suppliers and an early morning crew, sandwiches are assembled, cookies wrapped, veggies  bagged  and brown bag lunches are prepaired under the skillfull eye of seasoned ‘sandwicholigists’ and all delivered in time for morning accreditation at Dusty’s.   We have a sandwich chocie for almost every taste.

This task requires either males or females who’re not afraid of early mornings. We wake you up with hot coffee and muffins but  then it's automatic pilot as we prepare our assembly line in the WMSC Cabin. Once lunches are distributed, our Lunch Crew has  the rest of the day to either volunteer in another area or take in the races.

We just work on race days. It's a great group, it's all very friendly and we enjoy ourselves.

Comment from grateful course workers: "The home made sandwiches are a real treat and a great touch.  The Lunch Crew does a wonderful job that is appreciated by all."

Course Stewards (Security)

Race courses are dangerous places for the skiing public, and intermediate skiers who blunder onto a course while it is under construction pose a significant danger to course workers and they can do damage to the track.

Our Course Stewards are assigned the duty of controlling access to the race course by making sure that everyone entering the course has proper credentials.

Stewards are posted at all entry points onto the course, including occasional crossing trails that allow recreational skiers access to their residences or to parts of the mountain cut off by the race course.

Diligence and great care is especially important where the skiing public must cross the race course while a race is taking place. Radio communication provides an important tool that Course Stewards use to help safeguard racers, workers and the public.

Security Crew in action on Whislter Mountain

When running a speed event, all trails intersecting the race course must be closed to the public. Stewards guard all access points, to protect the race course from damage and  course workers and the public from injury.  Stewards remain at their posts until the recreational skiers have left the hill.

Stewards provide some crowd control by helping to build fences to slow down skiers when approaching the race course.  This offers protection for skiers, racers and workers.

Warm clothing is of utmost importance, including warm gloves.  Hand and feet warmers can be a welcome option.  Better be warm than sorry.  

Our Course Stewards provide our "public face", so a broad smile is a must.  Also, make sure you don't forget your lunch.  

Beer Tent Crew

Les Norman, King of Beer, now retired & missed by allThe Beer Tent Crew operates the daily Beer Tent for all race workers.  Working in the Beer Tent provides an opportunity to meet and get to know most of the volunteers working on the race.  The Beer Tent is a part time job and Beer Tent Crew members usually also work with other crews, such as the Finish Crew or the Transportation Crew.  

Beer Tent Crew members set up the Beer Tent prior to the first day of work, equip it with a bar, picnic tables, and supplies and take the tent down at the end of the race period.

The Beer Tent operates daily from about 4:00 PM through 7:00 PM except for the night of the Volunteer Party.  Daily setup starts at about 3:00 PM and the cleanup crew is usually on hand until about 7:30 PM.

Weasels and Canadian Team members enjoy the Weasel Beer TentEach day, the Beer Tent requires at least four crew members.  A "licensee" must be present whenever patrons are being served, a security person hands out cups and restricts entry to registered volunteers, and two other members share in the work of setup, cleanup, barman and restoring food and drink supplies.  All crew members are able to trade off on all jobs and on early setup and late cleanup shifts.

Often we require multiple licensees and over a dozen crew members.  This number provides people with time off during the long setup and race schedule.  The job of the licensee is to ensure LCB rules are observed, not necessarily to serve the drinks.   Most Beer Tent Crew members take turns at “working the taps”. 

The day is done, the beer is wet and cold, the company is greatLicensees are volunteers licensed by the Province of British Columbia Liquor Control Board to oversee the serving of beer, wine and cider to our race workers.  Licensees write an LCB "Serving it Right” examination; an open-book test based on a pamphlet available from any BC Liquor Store.  It takes about four hours to read the pamphlet and to write the exam, which is all done at home.  Applicants mail in their exam answer sheet with a fee that is paid by the ROC.  A license is mailed back in about 6 weeks.  It's all pretty straight forward. 

The Beer Tent is a great place to work for folks who may not wish to be at the top of the mountain at 7:30 each morning.  Eventually, you get to meet nearly everyone working the race.