Glossary of Terms (I-Z)

JUG-A-BLE – an ”volley offence” that requires the offender to buy a jug for their crew (bringing ski poles to the hill, dropping items off the chair, etc. Falling and taking out netting is a Double Jug-a-ble Offence, according to Crew Chief Shefley, who leads by example.

JURY – a small group of Race Officials who oversee the safe conduct of an alpine ski race. Jurry members space themselves along the race course at vantage points that keeps all parts of the course in view of at least one Jury member.  Jurry members have the authority of starting, stopping, and delaying the race.  They use radios that employ a secured and dedicated channel and are in constant contact with the Start and Finish Referees.

LINE – "The Line" on the track that the good racers will be following.  Racers who turn wide may be "off the line", although they may still be within the course.

LOWER PARKING LOT - Hoz’s Pub in Creekside (See the Office)

MARMOTS – Volunteer workers that prepare races on Mount Washington on Vancouver island.

MAHOGANY RIDGE -  Dusty’s Bar at the bottom of the Creekside gondola.

MEAT WAGON – Slang term for the ski patrol’s toboggan.

MULCH – ground up evergreen branches & needles that are spread on the course to provide better definition to the hill in areas of  poor visibility, or when weather conditions reduce visibility, during a race.  Mulch is kept in garbage bags and stashed on the hill at cache points.

NET MONKEYSSAFETY CREW – a group of individuals that have been working on the hill for many weeks before the volunteers get there.  Sometimes referred to at the "Paid Crew", the Safety Crew is reponsible for rigging the High Lines and hanging the A NETS,  as well as distribution of materiel along the course.

OFFICIALS – Race Officials are persons trained and appointed to various positions relating to the organization and conduct of an alpine ski race.

PC POLES – or PCP Poles, are Poly carbonate plastic poles that are used for holding up “B” system nets. PC poles can be red, blue, and yellow, and cannot be mixed within a net system. Also referred to as “poly poles”

POWER BRAID - The double cromartle braided rope that runs through  pulleys attached to both the upper edge of each A-NET and the high line, above, so as to support the A-NET.  The Power Braidt is is used to tension the A-NET after the “Inferiors” have been tied to the bolt line or cookies.

RACER DOWN PROTOCOL – The safety protocol to follow when a racer has gone down (fallen) on the course.

ROPE FENCE - A temporary spectator fence  made up of small diameter rope and bamboo poles.  This fence is never tied to a solid object, and is designed to give way should a person collide with it.

RUN AWAY – if you hear someone yell this – look above you!!  A piece of equipment has been let go from above – get out of the way. (See Jug-A-Ble)

SLED DOGS – Volunteer workers that prepare the Lake Louise Winterstart World Cup Downhill each year. Same as Volunteer Weasel Workers, but bring Margarita to a higher level.  Thanks for the base for this Training Manual goes to the Sled Dogs.

SLIPPERS – Volunteers, who groom the track, remove ruts and snow between racers.  This group has a training session to go over proper ways to slip.  During race days, Slip Crews inject themselves between racers to side-slip a short section of the hill, between pre-defined pull-outs.  After a number of racers have passed,  the Slip Crews on the course will all slip to the next pullout.  Also referred to as "High Speed Slip".

SNOW CHUTE -  a long length of plastic sheeting 5 - 6 ft wide that is held by its edges to form a chute with which snow can be transferred from nearby slopes onto a race course.  This may be referred to as "Snow Farming".   While some volunteers support the edges of the chute and keep the snow moving down its length, others shovel snow into the chute.

SPEC FENCE - Tensor, rope, or netting fence that is placed to control access to spectators.  Never to be used for racer safety. AKA Crowd Control

START LIST – a document which is available before any race or training run, which summarizes that day’s race. It lists all the racers and their race order info on race start time, intervals between racers, yellow flag zones, number of forerunners, etc.  It is important to grab one of these everyday

STOP START – the race is stopped and the next racer in start position is held in start gate.  Beware of Racer already on course!!  See Racer Down Protocol.

THE OFFICE - Hoz’s Pub ( See Lower Parking Lot)

TRACK – The track is the line on the course that the racers will be running.  This will be determined by the set of the gates, and is the most important area on the course.  Once the track is determined, never carve or ski on the track.

TRIANGULATION – an activity that permits the turning gates of the course to be relocated after being pulled at the end of the day.  This allows the grooming cats to work on parts of the course during the night and wee hours of the morning.  The crew responsible for triangulation re-establishing the course each day is usually under the command of the Chief of Gates

TOWERS – The guyed poles portion of the “A” net system that support the high line.

TURNING GATES - this is the part of the gate a racer skis around.  A gate consists of 2 poles and it is the inside pole which the racer skis around.

TWINE – short very pungent smelling rope usually about 16 inches in length which is used to tie the Vexar, Kitzbuhl or slip skirting to the A nets.  A hemp rope properly known as "Sisal".  It gives your pockets a delightful smell of diesel fuel known as 'Eau de Sisal"

WEASEL WORKERS –That would be you and all of the vollies that are making this event happen!!  BE PROUD!!!

WEASEL KNOT - A crafty slip knot that holds tension where it is needed. Should not be used without adult consent. (See Shefley)

Willy Bag production at Lakie Louise

WILLY BAGS – Safety bags that are approximately 3 feet by 7 feet.  They are filled with air and attached to trees, rocks, signs and/or other immovable objects in spill zones. Different from Air Fence. Ask about Willy Bag Dave. (AKA SFU Dave)

WEDGES – small triangular (wedge-shaped) pieces of wood that get hammered in behind the turning gate to keep it in place.

YELLOW FLAG ZONE – Specific locations on the racecourse which need to be clearly displayed during inspection.  These zones are used if during a race the racer uphill needs to be stopped prior to him or her completing the course.  This is a critical part of the safety during the race and is the responsibility of a designated member who is on the Jury channel.  He or she will flag stop the racer due to an unsafe condition that has occurred below the racer.