Dave Murray Men's Olympic Downhill Track

Whistler Mountain Downhill Race Cources

The Dave Murray Downhill has been used for World Cup and National Championship downhill racing for many years, and is recognized as one of the best downhill courses in the world. For a video introduction, courtesy of the NY Times, click here.

In preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the The Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) constructed a separate Women's Downhill course on Whistler Mountain's  "Franz's Run".   Click on the image to the right for an overview map of the two courses (Courtesy of VANOC).

For the 2008 World Cup event, the lower portion of the Dave Murray track will be used to run both a Man's  Super Giant Slalom (SG) and a Giant Slalom (GS).

The Men's SG started at the traditional "Women's Start", at the  top of the "Toilet Bowl", while the GS will start at the "Tunnel", just below the Expressway crossing.  

Dave Murray Downhill Lower Section

For a map of the lower portion of the Dave Murray Downhill, click on the second  image to the right (with thanks to VANOC).

As a means of  managing our on-hill activities, the course is divided into Sections, with work in each Section managed by a Section Chief..  The Section Chiefs direct the work done by Crew Chiefs.

Scroll down to  view the Dave Murray Section table and links to our Dave Murray Course  Manual.

The following table contains links to individual Section descriptions in our Course Manual for the Dave Murray Downhill.

Sections of the Dave Murray Downhill

& Course Manual link
Comments and Other Names A” NET LOCATIONS
          Overview of Course
           Start Area
  S1    Double Trouble  Start to the Love Shack  
  S2    Caddy Shack  Love Shack  to Bear Paw  A1       Caddy Shack
  S3    Bear Paw  Bear Paw to Toilet Bowl  A2       Toilet Bowl entry on rightl
  S4    Toilet Bowl  SG start to Carousel  A3       Toilet Bowl left
 A4       Toilet Bowl right
  S5    Carousel  Possible exit to mid-station  A5       Carousel right
  S6    Weasel  GS Start to Espressway  A6        Weasel left
 A7        Weasel right
  S7    Expressway  Tunnel (both old and new)  
  S8    Fall Away  Traditional Women's GS start  A8        Fall Away left
  A9        Fall Away right
  S9    Fall Away Flats   Compression  below Fall  Away to Sewer  A10      Fall Away Flats right
  S10  After Burner    Known to all as the Sewer   A11     After burner (Sewer) right
  S11  Coaches Corner  Now widened and no A-Net  
  S12  Powerhouse Trail  Traverse swings back to Slalom Start   A12     Powerhouse Trail (traverse) left.
  S13  Slalom Start   Start of final decent to Finish Area   A13     Slalom  Start Right
  S14  Boyd's Bump   Short section before Hot Air   A14      Boyd's Bump left
  S15  Murrs Jump   Same roll-over as Hot Air.   A15       Boyd's Bump / Murr's Jump right.
  S16  Finish Area   Known as Timing Flats  

Located near the top of the Dave Murray Downhill is the Raven/Ptarmigan  training area, which is also  built and maintained by volunteer Course Crew.

The top of the Dave Murray Downhill course and the training area is serviced by the Garbanzo chairlift, which is accessed via the Expressway.  Race workers cycling on the course between the SG start and the GS start must ski the Expressway from mid-station (top of the Creekside Gondola)  to the Garbanzo chairlift, and then ski the upper part of the Dave Murray course or "Orange Peel" to the SG start.

Helmet Cam Video of the 1995 Men's Downhill Course

Race Workers cycling on the lower Dave Murray downhill, from the GS start down, will ride the Creekside Gondola from Creekside to mid station and ski the Expressway to the Tunnel.

 Dave Murray Downhill on Whislter Mountain