Women's Olympic Downhill Track

Whistler Mountain Downhill Race Cources

The new Women's Downhill remains was largely constructed in the summer of 2007. Construction continued in the summer of 2008 with turns being opened up and widened and a bridge for the track being constructed over the Highway '86 ski run, just above the bottom of the Red Chair at mid station. 

The new track promises to be a real challenge, with no 'flats' and  opportunities for races to 'rest'.  It will be a great addition to Whistler Mountain's 'race portfolio'.   The widening of Franz's Run to accommodate the new course has vastly improved the lower-mountain skiing on Whistler.

We don't have a name for the new course yet.  Nor do we have any assignment of sections, or names and coordinates of course features. 2008 is going to be a 'learning experience for us all.    Stay tuned!

As of August, 2008, we can report that the Timing Flats (the finish area) has been widened and a snowmaking supply line is being laid up the center of the Dave Murray track.  As of mid-September, most of the Alpina A-net towers are in place and the course has been inspected by the FIS.  Owen Carney will lead a walk-down for any interested course workers on Sept 29.

  Ladies Downhill - Fanz's Run - Whislter Mountain      Ladies Downhill - Fanz's Run - with starts

     Ladies Downhill - Fanz's Run - with starts

Sections of the Women's Downhill